The ABC’s Of Heavy Metal

Teach your little headbangers to rock and roll all night and spell every day. (By Aye Jay for Nakatomi Stuff)

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  1. okay. my husband & i got pretty much all of them... is there an answer sheet?

  2. specifically a, i, l, n, v...

  3. Sorry, no, not that I could find - I could use one myself. Maybe tweet the folks at The Stuff.

  4. I got D, H, K, Q, and maybe a few others. I'd be impressed if someone got all of them.

  5. I got B is Black Sabbath, C is AC/DC, E is Megadeth, H is Van Halen, K is Kiss, M is Metallica, O is Motorhead, P is Pantera, R is Iron Maiden, S i think is Sepultra not sure though, U is Motley Crue, X is Exodus, and Z is ZZ top, add to the cheat sheet if you know more

  6. no prob man, which ones do you know that i didn't get, i'm guessing alot of the ones i didn't get were like death metal

  7. Here's what I got:

    A - Death, B - Black Sabbath, C - AC/DC, D - Dio, E - Megadeth, F - Cradle of Filth, G - ? H - Van Halen, I - ?, J - ?, K - Kiss, L - Morbid Angel, M - Metallica, N - Napalm Death, O - Motorhead, P - Pantera, Q - Queen, R - Iron Maiden, S - Suffocation, T - ?, U - Motley Crue, V - Voivod (Great Canadian prog death!) W - Whitesnake, X - Exodus, Y - ?, Z - ZZ Top.

    Almost got them all! Just need G, I, J, T, and Y

  8. J - Judas Priest
    !!! S - Sepultura
    Y - Slayer
    !!! Z - Ozzy

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  10. A-Death, B-Black Sabbath, C-AC/DC, D-Dio, E-Megadeth, F-Cradle of Filth, G-Danzig, H-Van Halen, I-Deicide, J-Judas Priest, K-KISS, L-Morbid Angel, M-Metallica, N-Napalm Death, O-Motorhead, P-Pantera, Q-Queen, R-Iron Maiden, S-Sepultura, T-?, U-Motley Crue, V-Voivod, W-Whitesnake, X-Exodus, Y-Slayer, Z-Ozzy