Nerdelicious: Ten Geeky Gingerbread Creations

'Tis the season to break out your inner craft geek. Here a few seasonal concoctions to inspire your own creations. Me, I just eat Turtles. Above, Zero Lives blogger Das Chupa brings us an Angry Birds themed Gingerbread house. I would play that.

A Gingerbread AT-AT. As the card says, that's awesome. As far as I can tell it was made by (or at least photographed by) Chez 282. I first saw it on pacalin's site.

A Gingerbreadhenge, for all you pagans out there, by The Dude (no, not that one.) Found on Clonehenge, which has "the most complete list of Stonehenge replicas on the internet, nay, marry, in the wide world!" I love the internet.

A gingerbread collection on Popped Culture wouldn't be complete without some sort of Super Mario reference. (Super Mario Gingerbread by Mike Bade, via Nerd Bastards)

The Star Trek GingerBorg Enterprise is a gingerbread replica of the Enterprise D. Green splotches indicate that Borgs have taken over and are destroying things with lasers. (By audreyh4 at instructables)

Das Chupa (see Angry Birds above) started his creations with a gingerbread Pac-Man arcade game.

Anna-Maria Oléhn's TARDIS gingerbread house can fit a surprising amount of Christmas treats inside.

And what's a Dr. Who TARDIS without Daleks? They are vegan too, so you know they're truly evil. By Johnson Cameraface.

The gingerboard (gingerbread motherboard) was created in Sweden by Benny, Monica, Anna-Maria and Erik. (Via mediatinker and You Bent My Wookie, who has a great gallery of gingerbread creations)

“I ate his body with some jelly beans and a nice glass of milk thtthththththththth”. I know this gingerbread Hannibal Lecter is only a t-shirt, but somebody ought to make it. (Cannibal by Glennz, via Shirtoid)

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  1. I made a gingerbread dragon...

  2. maybe not TOO much actual gingerbread but that's the main idea...