Alec Baldwin Is A Really Useful Engine

Outside of this blog, this is a remarkable representation of my pop culture life. And Alec Baldwin was the best Thomas the Tank Engine narrator. (Fisher by Philip Street, a strip that runs in the Globe and Mail and should really be picked up by a syndicator.)

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  1. Way too Torontonian, which is kind of a toned-down New York... I dunno... Chicago?

  2. I didn't know that Carlin was one of the narrators. Did he, uh, stick to the script? Because a Carlin rant in the middle of a Thomas the Tank Engine episode would be awesome.

  3. Too Torontonian? Really? Maybe that's why I like it. But it could certainly compete in the comics section of other papers, especially when you compare it to some of the dreck out there.

    As for Carlin, he was indeed a narrator, but all the words he used could be said on TV.