Holy Trivia, Batman!

"Unless a contestant can rack up never-before-seen perfect score of $566,400 in a special live broadcast, a group of hidden bombs will destroy Gotham City!

The only thing that can stand in the way of complete destruction is the most off-beat team-up of all: The razor-sharp intellect of Batman and the unflappable Canadian game-show hosting skills of TV's Alex Trebek! Will a few well-chosen categories be enough to save the day, or will Trebek and Batman be facing... Final Jeopardy!?"

From Comics Alliance's Great Comics That Never Happened series, by Dr. McNinja creator Christopher Hastings, colorist Carly Monardo and Dr. K.

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  1. "never-before-seen perfect score of $566,400"

    Running the table in single Jeopardy is worth $18K, or $34K if you happen to get the Daily Double (and successfully answer after wagering your entire stake) as the very last question.

    In the second round, Double Jeopardy, you could add an additional $32K to your $34K, and then hit two successive Daily Doubles as your last two questions, for a total of $264,000.

    I'm not sure what's more interesting, my inability to prevent myself from checking the math/commenting on it, or how easy it was to use the internet to find out the theoretical maximum in a sweep of one day's worth of Jeopardy.

  2. D'oh! I forgot Final Jeopardy. Double the $264K to $528,000 and we're good.

  3. I am in awe of your geekery.

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  5. 528K is the amount you would get if the daily doubles were on $1000/$2000 spots. However, if the daily doubles were on the $200/$400 spots (which I know, they almost never are on those spots), the total would be $566400