We Can't Stop Here, This Is Toy Country!

As someone who watches Pixar movies on a weekly basis I can certainly appreciate this crossover/mashup, as I have too wondered what one of the Cars would think if someone was inside them. I think Lightning McQueen's expression tells me all I need to know. (Mike's New Car by Gashi-gashi)

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  1. Cool! Woody and Buzz are in it, too! Haha! I never imagined the Pixar movies being in a mash-up like this. It makes me wanna wish for a mash-up. Seeing the Monsters Inc. guys with the Cars would be awesome!

    Ivo Beutler

  2. Heeh, Pixar movies may target children, but they also make adults like us appreciate them. Films like Cars make kids very interested in cars. And what's funny here is that these cars we see in cartoons are being copied by car afficionados in real life. LOL!

    [Erwin Calverley]