The Evolution of Satire

Barack and Michelle Obama: The fist bump heard 'round the world, June 3.

The New Yorker's July issue satirizes rumours about the Obama's, including suggestions that he's Muslim and anti-American. The Obama's don't find the humour in it.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart's Mock the Vote cover satirizes the satire, creating a perfect piece of comedy. The recreation is perfect even though they chickened out on burning the flag. Entertainment Weekly wins!


  1. I didn't realize they took the facial expressions from that original photo too... that brings it to a whole other level to me.

  2. Somehow I don't think that is the last we are going to see of that image. We may have witnessed the creation of an iconic moment.

  3. honestly, i saw the cover, and din't quite get what was going on...that's hillarious though...thanks for laying it out!

  4. If you'd not heard about the New Yorker cover, EW's really doesn't make much sense. I wouldn't have assumed there was a lot of crossover in their audiences and only knew about it because we covered it at work.