Find Waldo, Yet Again

Waldo's back and, well, he's not exactly hiding this time. The candy-cane coloured dork is making a comeback, with a new book and a campaign to return him to the world of pop culture. Expect to see him showing up at unusual places, like New York's Fashion Week (see above).

Of course he's not really been hidden all that well. While Waldo books may not be flying off the shelf, he's been making regular appearances in other pop culture icons.

Waldo has made three appearances in The Simpsons through the '90s, including Bart's Comet and Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder.

Homer Simpson: “Waldo, where are you?”

Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro's Zen Waldo

In Sibling Rivalry", Stewie and Brian find diversity in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog with an African-American man dressed like Waldo hidding in an one of the images.

In Imaginationland Episode III, the good imaginary beings fight the evil imaginary creature and Waldo is speared in the chest multiple times.

Of course, there is another explanation of where Waldo has been hiding. He may have lost his memory and now he's out for revenge...

I'll keep my eye out for where else he appears. Many thanks to the Waldo Wiki for all the help.

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  1. Great site, I greatly enjoyed loitering around your site. Just what I needed - another excuse to waste time at work.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

  2. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I can remember Waldo from the first time around.

  3. 1987 wasn't that long ago, Mercurie. But you want some way-back pop culture, go to Gilligan's site retrospace (see comment above you).

  4. Well, given it's been 21 years since Waldo was a big deal, it still makes me feel old. But then everything makes me feel old these days!