Cereal Killer, Qu'est-ce Que C'est?

"The cereal-slinging life is enough to drive almost any decent cereal mascot to a life of murder. While the police have no proof that Sonny or Cap'n Crunch are responsible for the deaths of anyone, many children go missing each year. We think it's time someone took a good, long look into these borderline psychotics who might be part of a nutritious breakfast... but also part remorseless killer."

For more breakfast carnage, read Topless Robot's countdown of the 10 Cereal Mascots that Are Probably Also Serial Killers. My bet is on Tony the Tiger. There is no way somebody can be that relentlessly positive without eventually snapping.

The image of Buffy The Vampire Slayer dusting the Count is from pop artist Chris Tezber, entitled The Tragic Death of Count Chocula. (Link via Idiot Box Artwork)

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  1. That Buffy/Chocula pic is just so funny....

  2. I know, I couldn't believe how well it fit the subject. I've got a growing love for these pop artists.