But Don't You Wish It Were True?

Have you ever wondered what really happened to Dave Chappelle? It looked like he had it all – a hot show, the mantle of “It” comedian taken from Chris Rock and Comedy Central dropping $50-million on him to keep doing his thing.

Then faster than you can say “I’m Rick James, bitch!” he lost it and headed to a South African mental institution (maybe) and the third season of his show was out on indefinite hiatus.

Or maybe a cabal of influential black entertainers and politician destroyed his career. That’s what’s being suggested at The Chappelle Theory, which says Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg:
“…felt Chappelle's Show reinforced negative stereotypes about African Americans, and that its content was, in the words of group leader Bill Cosby, ‘setting race relations back 50 years.’”
It’s great stuff, a fantastic conspiracy theory. It started floating about the web last week and got picked up by blogs like Defamer and the like. It turns out that it is either a clever piece of viral marketing for the next season of the Chappelle show that is being cobbled together out of left-over skits, or the opening salvo of a new satire site. Or it’s actually true.

Either way, I love it. Make up your own mind.

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