Hitting the Ground Like Sacks of Wet Cement

What is it about the music industry that makes it act like turkeys being tossed out of an airplane? It seems it is their reluctance to allow DVDs to use music without attaching an exorbitant price tag is leaving some classic shows sitting on the shelves.

That's what's happening to WKRP in Cincinnati, which used so much classic rock on the show that it would cost a small fortune to clear all the rights -- far more than could ever be recouped by the DVD sales. It also mean that some shows, WKRP and others don't even get to use the original music in the reruns. Seems that even Married... With Children can't use it's distinctive Frank Sinatra theme song anymore due to the cost.

Now I haven't been sitting here pinning for 'KRP, as much as I love watching Johnny Fever taking the drinking and driving reaction test, but it occurs to me that the license owners are just throwing away money asking for too much of it up front. If they are older songs (and in the case of WKRP they most certainly are) then having the show on DVD or even in reruns could introduce the music to new fans.

It happens in commercials all the time. How many people got turned on to Nick Drake when VW used Pink Moon in a commercial? It wasn't like his music was being played anywhere else. But it seems unlikely that the industry will see the light, as they still have their heads in the sand about downloads.

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  1. Good point, Mr. Barker. Apparently Freaks and Geeks had the same problem -- but managed to get around it and get access to the music they wanted. Clearly asking too much for songs that are 30 years old is just short sighted, or maybe classic rock bands are already making enough to not worry about this.