I've Seen the Future...

There's nothing like a December movie to see what the studios are hyping for next year:

Miami Vice: I've been wondering how they were going to treat this remake of the oh-so-80s TV show. Were they going to go the Brady Bunch route and go campy or update it like the Dukes of Hazzard? Turns out they are going completely serious, or at least that's how it appeared -- there wasn't any dialogue. But Colin Farrell sure glowered a lot in his bad mustache.

Mission Impossible 3: It's still hard to watch Tom Cruise without thinking about his couch-hopping, Katie-Holmes-kidnapping self. He just looks crazy. Of course, by the summer I'll be ready for a big, dumb popcorn flick. Oh, except that summer starts the first week of May now, according to Hollywood. Yeesh, what's the rush?

The Poseidon Adventure: Oh great, another remake. Mind you, I was watching King Kong, so I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything less. Note to marketers -- it's a little tacky to be showing a trailer where a giant wave endangers a group of people at the same time the media is rehashing the the one year anniversary of the south-Asian Tsunami. Just a thought.

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