The False Modesty Awards

I'm sure many actors do what the do for the love of the art and some of those manage to slip through the system and become successful. But I'm also sure by the time you're at the level where you are getting nominated for awards for major studio work, you've been sucked into the system. Meaning that once you have a publicist, manager and a studio placing "For Your Consideration" ads for your role, you probably know when the nominations are coming out

With that in mind, let me present the leading nominee for the most false modesty by a Golden Globe nominee, Sarah Jessica Parker, who told People:
"I was getting my son ready for school. I didn't even know about the nominations. Happily, I was ignorant and carrying on about the day, as mothers do."
Yeesh, Sarah, you're trying far too hard to look like you're above it all. Get a little more excited, I don't expect you'll be getting many more nominations between now and the inevitable "Sex and the City" reunion show.

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