My Name Is Depp And I Love To Get Blotto

Seeing Brad Anderson's Hollywood version of The Simpsons makes be think that maybe, just maybe a live-actio version wouldn't be horrible.

His cast so far: George Clooney as Homer; Cate Blanchett as Marge; Ewan McGregor as Bart; Resse Witherspoon as Lisa; Jennifer Aniston as Maggie; Johnny Depp as Otto; Vince Vaughn as Krusty; William H. Macey as Ned Flanders; Steve Buscemi as Moe; William Dafoe as Mr. Burns; Dustin Hoffman as Millhouse; Stephen Colbert as Mr. Smithers; and Ricky Gervais as Chief Wiggum

I think he nailed it with Depp, Buscemi and Colbert. Be sure to check out the whole cast. (Tip via Six Pix Mix)

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