If The Van's A-Rockin'...

General Lee: Dukes of Hazzard
You know how you're always wondering what famous movie and TV cars would like if they had been '70s-era vans? Wonder no more! Designer Brandon Ortwein's It Would Be Cooler As A Van Series has transformed 10 famous cars (and one boat) that would do the A-Team and the Scooby gang proud.

Just think if the Duke boys had this van, why even Uncle Jesse could get in!

Delorean: Back To The Future
If Marty McFly had been cruising in this bad boy, he could have taken the terrorist on, instead of cowardly fleeing into the past.

Ecto 1: Ghostbusters
While it's hard for me to argue with the professional paranormal investigators and eliminators transformed ambulance, you know Dr. Peter Venkman would have seen the upside of driving New York in a shaggin' wagon. (Link via The Daily What)

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  1. For the General Lee was only cool thing on The Dukes of Hazzard (well, Daisy was hot, but I never cared for that show...). The General was a Dodge Charger, so I don't know if it could be improved as a van. Now Starsky and Hutch's car (a Ford...) would be much cooler as a van....

  2. Vans are about the lifestyle, not just the look. They should all be done with an airbrush.