Springfield Still Life

That Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini's design hasn't been used as a Simpsons couch gag yet is a testament to its originality. The objects fit perfectly into the living room and reference a moment in the show: Homer's bowling ball bag, Bart's fireworks, Maggie's snowsuit and a plant mistaken for Marge. Not sure about the lamp, but you have to love Lisa's pearl necklace pull string.

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  1. Indeed it is, but all the other objects were referencing something else in the show. Though I may be parsing my Simpsons references a little too fine.

  2. Yhat's the dress she wore when George W. Bush moved in across the road!

  3. I thought it was related to her battle to get the street lights turned off at night so she could watch a meteor shower.

  4. I think (gasp) I missed that one. Having just read a synopsis, I accept your ruling.