Bad News Everybody: Canadian Edition

The long-awaited return of Futurama begins tonight, unless you live in Canada. Which I do. As far as I can tell it will not be airing here, at least not on the same day and date.

I contacted Global TV, which aired the original episodes, but nobody got back to me. I contacted the Comedy Network (the not-so-equivalent version of Comedy Central) who aired the reruns. Nothing. I emailed a couple of prominent Canadian TV critics, but they must be too busy watching TV or something. I'd watch it on Hulu on Comedy Central's site, but they geo-block Canadian users.

I want to watch the revival, to support the return of a clever, sharp cartoon, but for whatever reason it's not airing here. So screw it, off to the internets, where I found it quicker than the time it took to contact all the above people.

I tried networks, I really did try to do it the "right" way, but if you won't work with fans, we'll find a way. I've already watched the first episode and will watch the second later today. So I guess it wasn't bad news after all.

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