Death Of A Comic Strip

Newspapers are filled with comic strips that have long past their prime and should be immediately put of their misery. Several artists had the same thought at WWA gallery's show, Off the Strip.

Garfield as a hat? Seems like something Mr. Burns would appreciate, especially with some Odie boots and a Nermal boutonniere. (Blue Monday by Casey Weldon)

Dennis has never really been much of a menace, but once he beheaded his frenemy Margaret the strip took on a whole new meaning. (Dennis the Menace to Society by Damian King)

Woodstock was always kind of annoying, but he wouldn't make much of a meal. To paraphrase, eating Woodstock would only arouse my appetite without bedding it down. (Unfriended by Scott Stulen)

And here I figured Hagar would die of cirrhosis of the liver or be stabbed in the back by "Lucky" Eddie. (Hagar's Horrible End by Keith Noordzy)

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  1. I always figured that Dennis was a sociopath.