Che's Big Adventure

National Post illustrator Steve Murray sums up the 4 hour and 15 minute run time of Che thusly:
Now I feel like going and reading a Babar book, for some reason. You can see more of Steve's work at Extremely Bad Advice and Posties and Stevetastic.

(Link via, indirectly, Boy Reporter)


  1. One big missing thing in the drawing is all the time Ché Guevara spent killing people.

    It's incredible how idealize it is his image nowadays. We should be aware of that. He's, at least, a bloody version of Robin Hood.

  2. Robin hood actually spent a lot of time killing people too. Funny you draw that comparison.

    I think its funnier how many people have PURCHASED a t-shirt with his name on it when he was a big pimp for communism