HD Embiggens The Smallest Man

The Simpsons are debuting a new opening sequence tonight to make their grand entrance into the world of high definition. It is the first full, permanent revamp of the show's opening titles since its premiere in 1989.

There are a quite a few additions from the show's ensuing decades, including the decapitation of Jebidiah Springfield, Lard Lad, Krusty O's and Mr. Sparkle and Tomacco Juice at the checkout counter, Sideshow Bob, Apu and his octuplets and a fabulous end sequence that I've already paused through numerous times.

What? It's a perfectly cromulent thing to do.

Via Viral Video Chart

So Fox is back to its usual ways. After having over two million views of the opening sequence and untold free publicity they have demanded the clip be pulled from YouTube. Of course you can see it on their Simpsons site where, of course, the full episodes they have available are for U.S. residents only. Because The Simpsons is ONLY shown in the U.S. You can search for another version on YouTube, and you'll find it. I'll leave the Fox link to you.

It is getting tiresome watching these big media companies continue to misunderstand both online users and fans. Has nothing been learnt from what happened to the music industry?


  1. Have to admit that it's a pretty good opening, although I think I'll miss the old classic one!

  2. Not to worry, it will be in reruns long after we have shuffled off this mortal coil.