Love & Sockets

"Little Boris lives in a beautiful land filled with mechanical fireflies. Everyone is aglow with happiness. Everyone that is, but Boris."
A lovely like animation from FritoLay that make you wonder why all advertising can't look like this. Of course the message that all you need to be happy is to find the right socket to stick you plug into might be a little too on the nose for Valentine's Day, but I can't disagree with the notion that nothing goes together like chips and dip. Mmmm, chips and dip, now that's love.

There are more of these animations at MadeForEachOther, which sucked me in for quite awhile.

And in not so Valentine news, other than the timing, the Vancouver Sun is giving away a free, 13-song download called Seriously Westcoast III. It's an Arts & Crafts sampler featuring Feist, Stars, The Stills, Broken Social Scene, Apostle of Hustle, Jason Collett, Bell Orchestre and more. Offer ends tomorrow at midnight.

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