Paris Hilton Raps, Universe Implodes

Paris Hilton: "Yo whassup, My name is P Hizzle, I'm chillin in the clizzle with my homeboy Snoop Dizzle, he's sexy, he's fine, he is the man of our time. I love him..."

Snoop Dogg: "Sweet P! Ohhh wee!, Do it to 'em Dogg After Dark baby gurl. Don't stop, won't stop, can't stop. Look in yo eyes, look in my eyes, no surprise. 'Sweet P' and the D O Double G Yyyy."

Ugggh, this is just so full of terrible. Seriously, how does she continue getting work? Ironic appreciation or not, I think Snoop Dogg has had any last vestiges of street cred scoured off him with this.

(Link via Ampersand)

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