Attention Vancouver Iceholes: Stephen Colbert Is Coming!

In case you somehow missed it, the Quadrennial Seasonal Athletic Event is upon us! (I'm wary of using the world Olympics, lest the IOC try and sue us for whatever money we have left. They are kinda touchy about these things.)

Anyway, right-wing faux-blowhard Stephen Colbert is heading for Vancouver next week, as part of his support for the U.S. speedskating team, and he wants the world to know.
Nation! Join Stephen on his quest for Olympic glory LIVE at Creekside Park next to Science World at 1455 Quebec Street in Vancouver, BC on February 17th and 18th at 9:15am. To help spread the word about his historic visit to Canada, DOWNLOAD the exclusive commemorative poster and post it all over Vancouver!
The poster is from artist Shepard Fairey (of the Obama Hope poster) and even he fears the litigious hand of the IOC, making no reference to the vaunted rings. Perhaps his battle with The Associated Press has tempered him.

(This was originally posted as part of my day job. I like my job.)

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  1. Is 'iceholes' like...a Canadian word?

    Wait, I'll just Google it.

    Okay, it appears to be a Nashville hockey team and a Colbertism.

    I had to make sure. All I know about Canada I learned from watching South Park.

  2. It's a Colbertism to me, or at least that's the first place I've heard it.

    I think South Park is a fairly accurate representation. We really all do have beady black eyes, we just change them in our Facebook profiles.