The King of All Reality Media

Fifteen minutes of fame? Not for Rob and Amber Mariano – the pair have parlayed their appearances on Survivor into careers on reality TV. In a boob tube schedule littered with reality shows, it’s an impressive feat to stand put from the crowd.

I have, for better or worse, watched every season of Survivor and other than Richard Hatch, Rupert, Rudy and the dude who said his grandmother died, I don’t remember a single one of them, and that includes the women who dropped trou for Playboy. That leaves over 200 people who were just fodder for the cameras, never to be seen again. Same goes with The Apprentice – I don’t remember the winners, let alone those fired by Trump. So when a couple manages not just one reality show, but six, they have clearly managed to capture the couch potato’s imagination.

Three seasons of Survivor, a reality TV wedding, Rob’s attempt to become a pro poker player in Rob and Amber: Against the Odds and now a second chance to win Amazing Race. One episode in and they have already easily cruised into the lead, displaying all the bravado that fans and competitors have come to love and hate. ''If you asked us who we'd really like to race against, there's really nobody. But if you ask anybody else, they'd say Rob and Amber,'' said Amber modestly on the premiere of Amazing Race: All-Stars.

It’s just fun to watch them as they have a genuine understanding of what they are there to do. Win. They aren’t there to make alliances, to come home with friends; it’s about winning the million and expanding the brand. They were so far out in front that they showed them completing the Checkpoint and then returned to the rest of the teams trying to find the Detour. It’s like professionals joined the Laff-A-Lympics.


  1. You're completely right. I can barely remember the names of the winners of these shows but once in a while, one or two of them really stick out and these two are the ones I remember most.

  2. When it comes to AR, for some reason these people leave more of an impression than on the other reality shows. That's why All-Stars was such an exciting concept to me. I HATED Rob and Amber for most of the first AR, and then I had to just hand it to them for playing so awesomely. But the Divas are my personal faves. Go Divas! :)

  3. I like them because they play to win and if that pisses people off, so be it. They don't cheat, they just do things that other people don't think of and that makes for great TV. People love a villain.

    Nik, do you mean The Blondes? If so, I have to agree - they really grew on me. They are so unrelentingly positive, but they also have a bit of the Amber/Rob drive too. And while we're on the subject, what the hell are Kentucky doing back?

  4. Rob is such an guys might like this cartoon of him my friend made