Still Lost

I want some answers. I’m a big fan of Lost and its deep mysteries, but it’s time for the show to start giving up some secrets and dolling out some facts. The castaways returned tonight, after months in TV’s version of purgatory, with promises that we would get some insight. Did we? Not so much.

Our heroes Kate, Jack and Sawyer were still in mid-escape from the Others, having gotten nowhere in the preceding months, with Dr. Jack taking his God-complex quite literally by keeping his captor, Ben, on the edge of death. While the dash off the island continues we find out more about Juliet, the Other that befriended Jack, and her fertility research. All very interesting, but not very enlightening. We learnt that the Others are willing to kill the castaways, even each other, but we have no idea why. I accept that so many people survived the crash of Oceanic Airlines 815; that so many of them are connected in their past lives; that the island has mysterious powers. But I can’t abide not having any inkling as to what the Others are up to. Why are they kidnapping people? Why do they think they are good?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been defending the glacial pace for sometime:
Lost has done just that, parceling out tiny bits of information every week -- just enough to tantalize, but leaving the big picture hidden away - Land of the Lost

That’s what I love about this show – it answers questions with mysteries. You may now know a small segment, but it has opened a host of new questions. - Lost and Found

Does this rabbit hole have no bottom? If it does, I hope we don't get to it anytime soon. - A Real Stickler
But as the episode neared its conclusion, even Jack appeared to know that the island's riddles remained wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, remarking: “After everything that I have been put through, you owe me an answer.”

Agreed. I have invested a lot of time into the show and I’d like to get a little back in return. I remain a big fan and have no need for it to be all spelled out for me in big capital letters. I’m not asking for all to be revealed, but how about a little something?


  1. Not that it's a new concept, but X-Files eventually suffered the same problem. How do you reveal your hand to anyone's satisfaction when it turns out you were bluffing all along?

  2. I have faith that there is a method to the madness and there is an over-arching plan to it all. The hope is with an end date being negotiated the story will be told in full before being dragged on ad nauseum or being cancelled before it is complete.

    It makes sense, artistically, to do so. Novels don't keep having pages added year after year, so perhaps Lost can set a precedent. Of course it runs contrary to the business goals of the networks and that's where the true power lies, so the producers have a battle on their hands.

  3. I cannot believe how slowly this goddamn show it moving!