Live Fast, Die Youngish

Anna Nicole Smith has completed her transition into a 21st century Marilyn Monroe by following the blonde icon to an early death.

The former reality star, Playboy playmate, ex-wife of a billionaire, diet pill spokeswoman and all-around public train wreck died today after collapsing in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, as apt a place for her death as any. No cause of death has been announced at this time, but blogs are rampant with the news that it was a drug overdose – the same way that her 20-year-old son went just a few months ago – and the same way her idol Marilyn went.

Like Marilyn she will never grow old in the pop culture pantheon. While she didn’t have the acting ability of Marilyn, Anna Nicole gained her fame through reality TV and became famous for being famous – two methods that are as legitimate these days as having actual talent.

Like Marilyn conspiracy theories are already swirling about her death. Anna Nicole was still fighting for her share of the late J. Howard Marshall’s estate, an 89-year-old oil billionaire she married when she was a 26-year-old stripper. A court ruling could hand the fortune to her five-month old daughter Dannielynn Hope, who has two men claiming to be the father. Smith’s mom has speculated that one of the men, Anna’s lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern may have contributed to the death of her son, putting him one step closer to getting the hands on the money himself.

Was she a tragic story? A gold digger? Was she pretty or did she just look that way? In any case it was a fittingly tabloid end for a woman who’s desire for money was only topped by her craving for attention.


  1. her death is certainly an attention grabber

  2. I was just thinking aout the Marilyn parallels this morning after hearing the news of Anna Nicole's death...

    Thanks for the very interesting post.

  3. When I first heard the news I thought that it was a joke.

    I'm interested to hear what the cause of her death is. I have a feeling it may have something to do with the pills she used to lose all of that weight.

  4. oops Post - I hit the publish button too quickly.

  5. Anna Nicole has finally fulfilled her life's ambition: to be Googled more often than Pamela Anderson.

  6. The sad thing about this for me is that when I heard about her death, I was not one bit surprised. Not the sort of reaction one would think he'd have when hearing about the death of someone who was only 39.

  7. I wasn't surprised either, it just kind of seemed inevitable. And because the way she went and the money involved we'll be hearing about her for some time.

  8. You know, as much as I loved poking fun at her, I was shocked at the news of her death.

    It's already starting to wear off with the media circus though. [sigh]

    Hope she's found some peace.