101 Sesame Street Muppets

Oh, these are the people in your neighbourhood,
In your neighbourhood,
In your neigh-bour-hood,
Yes, these are the people in your neighbourhood,
They’re the people that you meet,
When you’re walking down the street,
They’re the people that you meet…each…day!
In honour of 40 inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational Sesame Street years, my National Post colleague Steve Murray created an EPIC illustration of 101 Muppets, quickly succumbing to carpal tunnel soon thereafter. It was well worth it.

This image doesn't do justice to the full-size interactive key. At best I can only identify a couple of dozen by name and I practically used to live on that street.

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  1. Exactly what I thought! Funny, I was thinking of sending it to you too.

  2. Well, I set up a RSS reader this week (call me an old-fashioned, late-coming blogger), so I now get your stuff in a pile that I search through when looking for Neatorama content.

  3. RSS feeds have completely changed the way I read on the web - I se a lot more than I would otherwise. ANd thanks again for the link.

  4. I love watching sesame street. It was my all time favorite children TV series.