One Giant Leap For Parody...

Forty years ago today, man landed on the Moon. Well, supposedly. You folks probably think that Obama is an American too.

I kid, but at least the loony conspiracy theorists are still interested in the lunar landing, while the rest of us give little thought to the Moon's "magnificent desolation." On the other hand, the Moon landing has been a rich source of parody. Herewith are 13 of the best.

TARDIS Moon Landing
Seems like we were beaten to the Moon by Doctor Who.

SPQR Moon Landing
Actually, no, it was the Romans who got there first. Hmm, history is hard.

Canadian Moon Landing
Wait, wait, wait — Canadians got there first? Now I'm a loyal Canuck and even I know that can't be true.

Redneck Moon Landing
See it was Americans after all. I'm kinda surprised they didn't go in a souped-up version of the General Lee.

Watchmen Moon Landing
At least we know who took that famous photograph — Dr. Manhattan.

Onion Moon Landing
In any case, The Onion sums up how I think every paper should have really reacted to the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's feat. "Holy living fuck... Are you fucking believing this? Over," Armstrong radioed back to NASA headquarters nearly 25,000 miles away. "I abso-fucking-lutely am standing on the surface of the fucking moon."

Mooning Moon Landing
Perhaps we haven't been back because the moon wasn't everything it was, um, cracked up to be.

Giant Moon Landing
Then again, maybe they found something far too terrifying. And here I thought it would be super-intelligent chimps.

Tractor Moon Landing
One theory on our continuing lack of interest in the moon is that budget cutbacks mean the equipment astronauts would have to use these days would be considerably less than high tech.

Video Camera Moon Landing
It would be easier to dismiss the moon landing hoaxes without pictures like this surfacing. What were they thinking?!

Studio Moon Landing
Turns out they NASA really just went to Sears and got the family special with the Moon backdrop.

Rolling Moon Landing
"Hey guys I got us some McDon.... Crap are we shooting?"

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  1. They're right about the South getting there first, but we actually used an ancient Oldsmobile truck, powered by Granny's roomatiz medicine...