CBC is Cookin'

Mmmm, tasty music!CBC Radio 3 just keeps getting cooler. They have redesigned their media player so, along with listening to whatever they are playing, you can make your own playlist as well.

This may not seem like a big deal to those of you who don't know what Radio 3 is. They are an online and satellite radio station, broadcasting all Canadian tunes -- in my opinion, some of the coolest tunes you will find on the web. Can't vouch for the satellite service as I haven't gotten on board that bandwagon yet, but this channel could push me over the edge.

So back to the playlist -- you can now make your own out of their excellent podcasts and add tracks or whole shows from JustConcerts.com. They are also planning to add their 40,000 songs from NewMusicCanada.com in the near future, which will rock.

Until then, you can still pull together a cool list of tracks. I messed around with it a bit today and built my own playlist. Check it out. Oh yeah, the other cool think is you can open the player separately and play it while surfing. Nifty.

Ok, enough of me being a good little marketer.


  1. Cool, didn't know CBC had this feature, I will check it out.

    I've been listening to KEXP.org for awhile - no playlist organizations like the CBC Radio 3 but off the wall pop culture at the core.

    I wonder if the Radio 3 has the same Canadian content restrictions, considering you can make your own playlist...hmmm.


  2. I will have to check out KEXP. Love having web-based radio to listen to at work. I don't think there are any imposed Canadian content restrictions other than what they have chosen to do -- all Canadian.

    Not the concerts though - that appears to be just cool bands, which is another content restriction I can live with.