It's a Conspiracy!

I am not very prone to conspiratorial thoughts. I believe that artists and entertainment companies are looking out for the best interests of their fans and their creations and would never do anything untoward just for the publicity. No, wait, that is the opposite of what I believe.

I had speculated that the Da Vinci Code plagiarism trial was really just a sham to get free, world-wide coverage for the upcoming film of the same name. How short-sighted of me. If anything, it was to get the book back in everybody’s head for tomorrow’s North American release of 5 million paperback editions of the blockbuster novel by Random House. That’s the company that also publishes Holy Blood, Holy Grail, whose authors are suing Dan Brown. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

In other conspiracy news, Isaac Hayes’ spokesperson Amy Harnell has denied that the voice of Chef was ever hospitalized for a stroke and was not coerced into quitting South Park. Of course Hayes hasn’t said any of this directly and his flak is herself a Scientologist. Mighty suspicious.

And remember the live-action Simpsons opener that was floating about You Tube and your friend’s emails? The one that appeared to be filmed by some fans and then was revealed to have been created by a British cable company? It aired last night in front of the Ricky Gervais-penned episode, an official rendering all along. I’ve got no real complaint here, it is still funny, but it’s not the fan-created film it appeared to be.

One last one, seeing as I’m adding to all of my recent rants. It looks like one member of the mega-rich (I assume) former Friends clan has put the brakes on a reunion show by turning down a truckload of cash. Lisa Kudrow says it is one of the male cast members who said no, and my bet would be David Schwimmer. Matt LeBlanc is still playing Joey and Matthew Perry has a pilot for next year, so clearly he’s not object to heading back to the tube. If true, I say good for him. You had a great run, now leave it alone. Any reunion would just be a pointless nostalgia fest akin to attending an Eagles concert, and nobody wants that.


  1. As far as I'm concerned, it never did look like a fan created film. There was a significant amount of morphing back and forth from live action to cg-animation. A pretty sophisticated piece of film making. It never looked even remotely amateurish to me.

  2. I didn't know the book was finally coming out in paperback. That's what happens when you no longer work at a book store. I thought the lawsuit was more about the author's of Holy Blood, Holy Grail getting more people to buy a copy. You're probably right about all the publicity crap.

  3. I suppose I was just hoping it was a fan video, Paul, but I guess I always knew it wasn't. Anyway, I have to congratulate Fox for such a successful viral campaign.

    As for the paperback version of Da Vinci Code, I'm just amazed there is anyone left without a copy.

  4. The live action sequence was actually created by Sky (UK satellite TV provided) for their own airing of The Simpsons and it seems the Fox boffins liked it so much they used it.

    The episode itself was pretty disappointing in my opinion.

  5. It is a fine opening and I'd agree, the best part of the episode. It's my dirty little secret... I don't think Ricky Gervais is all that funny. (Gasp!) People look at me like I'm crazy or with a mixture of pity and amazement when I tell them. I can't help it, he leaves me cold.

  6. I don't even know who Ricky Gervais is.

  7. Oh, I totally agree this is a sham...everyone's going to make more money out of this...including the guys who published the book...

    Strange Culture: Mini-Update: Da Vinci Code & Name Collision

    above is one of my post where I realized how well Holy Blood, Holy Grail was doing once the book got published...

    it's a shame & very smart.

    --RC of