The Spy Who We Love

There has been a storm raging over the new James Bond and the remake of Casino Royale (see the trailer above.) There are sites calling for Daniel Craig’s removal, complaints about the Blonde Bond abound and tabloids and gossip sites snicker at his abilities.

On the other side there are fans behind the rethink of the franchise who are looking forward to a younger, harder Bond and are solidly behind Craig (or are at least willing to give him a chance.)

But why do we care so much? I’ve found myself caught up in the debate and have written over a half dozen entries about it. And I’m hardly an obsessive. Craig himself has felt compelled to respond to the criticism. It has to do with the longevity of the franchise.

There were six Bond films before I was born. Moonraker was the first film I ever saw at a drive-in when my teenaged aunt took me their when she was supposed to take me to Return from Witch Mountain. Watching A View to a Kill was my treat on the last day of school one year and a lot of the earlier films I watched on TV with my dad.

What other series has that kind of history? Lord of the Rings happened over a few short years. Star Wars has wrapped up after only six films and Harry Potter will be finished after seven. Casino Royale is the 21st in the 007 franchise and has become part of the pop culture firmament.

People feel like they have a vested interest in the character and the films. I realize that the debate, good or bad, is really just publicity for the film, but I don’t care, because Bond matters to me.

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  1. I couldn't believe we are not treated to the new Bond saying the classic line in that trailer.

  2. This is the first trailer I've seen, so maybe they are saving that for the next one.

  3. I cannot see why people are fussing over the fact that Daniel Craig doesn't look like James Bond should. Sean Connery didn't look like James Bond should either. If you want to talk the Bond of the books, you are talking Roger Moore. When he was in his 30s. In fact, really when he was playing Simon Templar. Nonetheless, Sean Connery was a better Bond than Moore, because he's a better actor.

    BTW, just a nit, but this isn't a remake of Casino Royale. There never was a real version of Casino Royale filmed. There was a spoof made with Peter Sellers and David Niven (even Woody Allen as Jimmy Bond, James Bond's nephew). For some reason, they took the books out of chronology. The first movie, Dr. No, was actually the 6th book. Then they went back and forth. But this is the first time the first novel will be seriously filmed.

  4. I concede the point Lesley. Having seen the first version I think it would be best if everyone forgot it ever happend. ;)

  5. Turns out the trailer is fan made, using clips from the last few Bond films spliced with some recent Casino Royale footage. Good nonetheless, but I can't wait to the first real trailer. Explains why he didn't do the Bond line too.