Oscar Angst

Bunnies, is there anything they can't do?I figure the Oscars will be a letdown. Not because of the nominees and the potential winners – they are a generally worthy group – but because of the build up.

There have been countless awards shows preceding the ceremony and the media coverage leading up to it has been ceaseless. During the rest of the year I will try and avoid reading about films I’m looking forward to so as not to disappointed by high expectations, I have to wonder how the show can possibly live up to the hype.

Nonetheless I will be watching. The main categories are all sewn up and while I figure Brokeback Mountain will likely walk away with Best Picture, I think I’ll put down Crash and hope to win my pool in an upset.

What I’m excited and worried about is Jon Stewart. Will he be his sharp, skewering self or will the Academy have watered him down? I hope he goes for it – screw getting asked back next year. Will the man who tore bloody strips off the hosts of Crossfire be Hollywood’s monkey? I can only hope not.

But until then, and because I still find some of these funny, here is more from Jokeback Mountain:

1.) Brokeback Mountain in 30 Seconds (and Reenacted by Bunnies). Get the rest of the brilliant Bunnies oeuvre here.2.) Lego Brokeback Mountain -- if it’s good enough for the White Stripes, it’s good enough for Brokeback. Make sure to watch the slideshow.
3.) Low Culture traces the history of Brokeback Mountains, from their origins in Egyptian hieroglyphics to today. Love it.

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