Can’t See the Forest for the Cure

The Forest is the best song The Cure ever recorded. This revelation came to me when it played on my iPod while sitting up at the cottage, which is not a very Cure-ish place to be.

That would be typical of my relationship with The Cure. I never looked much like Robert Smith, I didn’t dye my hair black or wear eyeliner and lipstick (ok, maybe once). But I was a huge fan in high school despite not buying into the look. I wore a tour shirt (the Kissing Tour, I think) and had a couple of goth kids (well, that’s what you’d call them know) came up and challenged me, figuring I was a poser. When I ended my list of Cure albums by telling them about my vinyl import copy of the British-only release of Three Imaginary Boys, they walked away apologizing.

The Cure was one of my pop culture obsessions – there have been many: The Simpsons, They Might Be Giants, parody films, etc. – and I went full-on collector on them. Singles, posters, interview discs (remember them?) But back to The Forest, which captures them at their gloomy best. Of course don’t take my word for it, watch it above, recreated in Lego.

Pop culture mashups and YouTube – my new obsession.

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