People keep landing here looking for "Jump In My Car," the latest horrifying video from David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff. So who am I to judge? Umm, enjoy?


  1. I gave people Nikki Payne information, so who am I to fault you for providing an equally disturbing experience.

  2. I also have no qualms about pandering either, consequences be damned.

  3. OMG!!!

    I think it's hilarious!

    Hasselhoff has a great fan base in some countries - although, I'm not sure why. But... in this video, he's making fun of everything that he is supposed to be:

    Kit, The adverts, Baywatch, A nice guy...


    I think this video kinda shows how he feels about everything that's happened in his life.

    Well - I dunno whether I dislike him or not - no preference either way - but it's a funny video, thanks for putting it up!

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  4. At a minimum he has revived low production costs for videos. I thought the Hooked on a Feeling video was some sort of mashup joke, but here is a second one and it turns out they are official. I suppose he is embracing his inner Shatner.

  5. I'm perfectly fine with Hasselhoff getting lots of press, just as long as we're making fun OF him, not WITH him.

  6. I think I approach the rise of The Hoff with a sense of bewilderment than laughter. I think his videos are what the creators of Snakes on a Plane are hoping for but won't be able to achieve, no matter how many people show up at screenings waving their plastic cobras about.

  7. The Snakes on a Plane fascination is bizarre. I'll tell ya though, it's a damn catchy theme song they've got going on. Not to mention, they bagged Samuel L.:)

  8. I think if it was any other actor in that movie, the buzz wouldn't be there.