The One Equals Zero

After only two episodes The One: The Making of a Music Star is no more and CBC It Boy George Stroumboulopoulos can pull his motorbike out of storage and get back to his vacation.

ABC pulled the plug after ratings started in the shitter and went down from there. I really don’t know why they expected differently To quote The Simpsons: “These are the people who saw an overcrowded marketplace and said, ‘Me too!’" Here in Canada, on the night CBC aired The One, you could also watch Canadian Idol on CTV and Rockstar: Supernova on Global and they are all essentially the same show.

There was a lot of fuss when the CBC picked up the simulcast and bumped The National, with a lot of wailing and hair pulling over whether or not the mother corp should even be running reality shows. Stroumboulopoulos argued during an interview on Sounds Like Canada that if Canadians are watching reality shows, shouldn’t the national broadcaster be involved. Maybe so, but if so maybe they should aim for something more original than some wannabe rock stars grasping for the stars.

Anyway, I’m sure none of this will stick to Strombo and we’ll soon see him back on The Hour where he can do more than cut to commercial. And hopefully the CBC will drop any plans to run a Canadian version of The One – leave that to Idol.


  1. i was working out at the gym and the three tvs in front of me had the choice of fox news, the one, or america's got talent...

    i started to flip between the three, but after thirty seconds i couldn't bear to watch any of the "one" it looked and seemed horrible.

    --RC of

  2. I wonder what Georgie boy is going to say about the experience when he gets back to the Hour.

  3. Well, I just too a gander at the IMDB and the following phrase stood out to me.

    "The One is now the zero, following a decision by ABC to yank the singing competition after it drew the worst ratings in the network's history last week."