Best in Show

The results are in and Popped Culture is moving on to Round Two of the Canadian Blog Awards! Many thanks to my tens of fans, random strangers and friends whose arms I twisted to vote. Your dedication has me listed in third for the Best Entertainment Blog with the second round of voting beginning on Saturday. Come on, you’ve gotta vote if you want a piece of the huge endorsement deals that I’m sure will follow my win.

Well democracy in action took out my good friends at Nik at Night, Scandal Sheet and Menard Communications, a couple of others are joining me in Round Two, namely:

Best Activities Blog: My Dinner Table
Best Sci/Tech Blog: Amber Mac

Share the love, people.


  1. You can count on me. I'll take my percentage on the back end.

  2. I'll cut you in on the t-shirt deal.

  3. Done. I want some sort of advertising deal. *eheh* ;)

  4. When I start placing ads, you'll be the first person I emai. Thanks for the vote!