Denise Richards Will Cut You

Denise Richards, the B-actress best know for being the Charlie Sheen’s ex (and Wild Things) has added paparazzi vigilante to her oeuvre. On the Vancouver set of Blonde and Blonder (which I’m sure will garner her an Oscar nod), Richards had a run in with a pair of local photo leeches, who were watching Richards and co-star Pamela Anderson. From there the stories diverge. "I saw one of the photographers, went up to him and offered to give him a few nice shots and asked him to please leave so we can focus on our scene,” states Richards, ever so reasonably.

Not so, claims shutterbug Rik Fedyck. “She came running up the stairs, she went at my partner first. After five minutes of calling him a cocksucker and everything else under the sun, she noticed him looking at me and said, 'Are you fucking paparazzi?’”

At that point Fedyck decided to give a frank assessment of her life so far. “I said to her that she didn't know me but I knew her. That she was a homewrecker. I also mentioned to her that in my opinion she doesn't know how to keep her men happy.” Not surprisingly, she lost it and tossed the cameramen’s laptops off the third floor casino balcony, hitting the arms of a 90- and 81-year-old woman who were sitting in the lobby.

Richards apologized to the women, the paparazzi and agreed to pay for the computers, avoiding any legal trouble. "It is not in the public interest to forward criminal charges regarding this matter," said an RCMP spokesman. It’s likely not in the city’s interest to charge any actor, no matter how unhinged, lest it seem like an unfavourable place to shoot. And now we’ve all heard of Blonde and Blonder – well worth a few thousand for some laptops when compared to all the free publicity. It’s all part of the wonderful mystery of filmmaking.

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