Blame Canada!

Oh my God! They killed Squiddy! You bastards! To draw attention to Canada’s opposition to a ban on bottom trawling fishing, Greenpeace has turned to a group of foul-mouthed fifth graders – Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman.

An animated short featuring ocean creatures that look and sound similar to, but not exactly like, the denizens of South Park has hit the web, calling attention to Canada’s role in helping to destroy the sea floor. Bottom trawling destroys marine habitats as the heavy nets drag along the ocean floor, gathering everything in their wake.

Canada is opposing a ban on the controversial fishing practice on the pretext that it is unenforceable, but this is yet another example of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government turning its back on the international community.

It’s interesting to see Greenpeace turn to the pop culture side to get the message out. It’s a bit rough-edged, but I and many others know now about the current U.N. fisheries talks and my government’s “screw you guys, I’m going home,” attitude. Mmmm hmmm.

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  1. This is surprisingly good - not to mention it's a great message too!

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