What, Can't You Take a Joke?

No rehab yet for Michael Richards, but he is moving along with a textbook example of crisis management as he tries to salvage his career from his most famous appearances in years – a rage-infused, racist rant at a comedy club. KKKramer has hired a high-powered publicist who has got him putting calls into Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. If he isn’t on Oprah by the end of next week I will be shocked.

But is it too late? He is now everyone’s punching bag and an instant punch line for every other comedian. The NAACP, for one, isn’t buying his contrition, saying it "is indicative of the type of denial that too often accompanies racist rhetoric." There is also confirmation that he shouted out anti-Semitic remarks during another standup comedy routine in April. Just role-playing, says Howard Rubenstein, Richards apologist-for-hire.

The guys he heckled don’t accept his apology either and have hired a lawyer and Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx wants to lay a beating on him If that wasn’t enough, the t-shirt companies (who print at the speed of light) are weighing in with their opinion as well, further imbedding his new image deep into pop culture. It’s not looking good, Cosmo.


  1. Wow. This just keeps getting worse and worse. Right now I think the only job Richards might be able to get is teaching other celebrities how to self destruct their careers...

  2. Why can't he own up to what he said? It sounds like he's just trying to spin this thing, which pisses me off even more.

  3. He's done. I find it difficult to believe that he can get himself out of this hot water. Even worse, I actually like that design. I'd never buy it but it's kind of funny in a sick and twisted sort of way...

  4. Yeah, the shirt is charmingly twisted, isn't it? As for Richards, mabye demotivational coach is a good job for him. "Tired of success? Don't want to work anymore? Call Career Suicide, Inc. and we'll help you destroy your career in under 24 hours."