Cultural Learnings of Frat Boys

If you’ve made an ass of yourself, don’t call more attention to it. It’s a simple lesson, but one clearly lost on a pair of frat boys who drunkenly mouthed off in a scene from Borat.

The two idiots appear on camera, talking trash about women, Jews, how minorities in the U.S. "have all the power," and wishing they had slaves. Oops. Best to crawl under the floorboards of the frathouse and wait for a few years. But not these boys, no sir, they are suing 20th Century Fox.

The pair were allegedly assured the faux documentary wouldn't appear in the U.S. and claim they signed the movie releases after "heavy drinking." The suit states that since the release of the film they have suffered "humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress, loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community..." and are seeking unspecified damages. Note there was no denial of what they said.

I can’t think of a better way to ensure everyone knows how ridiculous you are than suing the most popular film in North America over something you said. As for the movie itself, they couldn’t have asked for better publicity than if they had created this as part of their marketing plan. Of course that’s just me being cynical…


  1. This just proves my theory that the most intelligent people in college don't ever join fraternities...

  2. Exactly - I just assume frat boys will be loudmouthed, offensive drunks. It's sort of inherent in the name. Suing is just going to make it that much worse for them.

  3. I haven't seen the film, but I don't think you need to knock on a frat house door to find racism or sexism on a campus. You could liquor up the debating team or student newspaper and with some work could get the same result. To me, frat boys are just some of the lowest hanging fruit on a very large tree.

  4. Why reach higher than you need to?

  5. I can't believe they are suing! They signed the release papers... they said stuff that was sooo stupid you couldn't even pay people to say it, somehow the film lucked out and really scored some real bozos. Unfortunately I don't think this is such a find, as stupid frat guys are more common than we'd all like.